Page fault Abend looking up a bindery object from bindery request find next object - NCP 23 sub function 55

  • 3107600
  • 17-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory for All Platforms


Server abends randomly from bindery requests (NCP23 sub function 55) made by Novell client32 client connections. After the server rebooted from the abend, the eDirectory database would not open and gave a -618 error inconsistent database.

In data we gathered (the coredumps) it shows the same type of bindery request. Each bindery request was searching for the treename or SAP Type 278. However not every bindery request searching for the tree sap would cause the server to abend. The coredump stack look the same from differn't servers see below.


The current workaround to prevent the servers from abending

Use iMonitor or ndsiMonitor and disable the following dsverb.
1. Login ot iMonitor
2. Enable advanced mode | Agent Configuration | Permanent Settings | Change |(Type:) DISABLE VERBS (Value:) DSV_BIND_FIND_NEXT_OBJECT | SAVE

Note: If for any reason you need to enable this specific verb you just need to delete it from Permanent Settings and restart eDirectory or ndsd.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The memory stack looks like this.

Current EIP: 8E049D76 DS.NLM|FSBtSearch+1A
970CB0A4 8E0370BE DS.NLM|setKeyPosition$FSIndexCursor+B1
970CB360 8E03653A DS.NLM|setupKeys$FSIndexCursor+154
970CB624 8E07C569 DS.NLM|flmSQEvaluateCurrIndexKey+112
970CB67C 8E07C81D DS.NLM|flmSQChooseBestIndex+129
970CB6CC 8E07D10E DS.NLM|flmCurOptimize+1F9
970CB730 8E036033 DS.NLM|flmCurPrep+D3
970CB74C 8DF25E0D DS.NLM|flmCurPerformRead+F7
970CB768 8E003516 DS.NLM|getEntry$SMIteratorHandle+CE
970CB7BC 8E0048B1 DS.NLM|first$SMIteratorHandle+19
970CB7DC 8E02AEC7 DS.NLM|_FindNext+2B9
970CB820 8E02B051 DS.NLM|EmuFindNextObject+11F
970CB940 8DF1412B DS.NLM|BFindNextObject+70
970CBA40 8DFBD879 DS.NLM|StackedNCP23Handler+3E9
970CBAE4 8DFBE2F2 DS.NLM|NSNCP23Handler+68
970CBB10 8CB67476 NCP.NLM|Case23+1BA
970CBCF4 8CB51688 NCP.NLM|ProcessNCPPacketWithLength+5C
970CBF40 8E666FEB NCPIP.NLM|ProcessDSNCPRequest+2B
970CBF58 00362952 SERVER.NLM|StartWorkToDo+23
970CBF70 00227B7B SERVER.NLM|kWorkerThread+DF
970CBF88 00221618 SERVER.NLM|TcoNewSystemThreadEntryPoint+40
(stack end)