Linux Access Gateway crash when log file size (the laghttpheaders or the lagsoapmessages file) grows too big

  • 3106195
  • 24-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Netware Access Gateway
Novell Access Management 3 Support Pack 1 applied


The Linux Access Gateway (LAG) proxy would continue to restart automatically. The only indication that this was happening was the alerts that were sent to the administrator when the services started and stopped. All users reported that the system was running fine.

Grabbing the coredump, the backtrace of the issue as seen with gdb showed the following:

Thread 1 (process 18081):
#0 0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1 0x40244f9b in __write_nocancel () from /lib/tls/
#2 0x401f6576 in _IO_new_file_write () from /lib/tls/
#3 0x401f6275 in new_do_write () from /lib/tls/
#4 0x401f652f in _IO_new_do_write () from /lib/tls/
#5 0x401f6fb2 in _IO_new_file_sync () from /lib/tls/
#6 0x401ec0b7 in fflush () from /lib/tls/
#7 0x454fe8bc in SendOriginServerHTTPRequest (clientRequest=0x80c46004, methodName=0xa1717020 "GET", methodLength=3) at /home/src/vishnu/53.x/legacy/s_proxy/client.c:2218
#8 0x454fea05 in SendHTTPClientRequest (clientRequest=0x80c46004, status=0) at /home/src/vishnu/53.x/legacy/s_proxy/client.c:657
#9 0x4555876f in RES_ConnectToHost (requestBlock=0x80c46004) at /home/src/vishnu/53.x/legacy/s_proxy/ipres.c:768

It appears to be an issue logging entries to the log files used by the LAG proxy.We do have the log rollover for some of the LAG files - along the lines of what we have for ics_dyn.log. Looking at the /etc/logrotate.d/syslog file one can see entries for :



Apply the LAG update from nam3sp1ir2.tar.gz (AccessManager 3 Support pack 1 Interim Release 2).

We have included the log file roll over option for all of ics_dyn.log, lagsoapmessages and laghttpheaders. Initially, the logrotate utility was as part of the system's daily cron jobs, but later it was moved to hourly cron jobs so that it can verify the log files size every 1 hr and rotate them.

In addition to that, there is a script /chroot/lag/opt/novell/support/tools/ which can check the disk space usage and can alert the system if the disk usage crosses that threshold (90% by default). The administrator can add the script to a cron job if needed.