How to upgrade IDM 3.0 User Application to the IDM 3.0.1 User Application

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  • 03-Oct-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell User Application 3.0.1
Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1


How do you upgrade your existing IDM 3.0 User Application to the IDM 3.0.1 User Application?


1. Before you begin:
* Back up your existing User Application installation directory and database.
* Back up any customized Identity Self-Service pages by using the Import/Export tools available through the User Application's Administration > Tools page.
* Make note of your existing User Application Configuration settings (such as the eDirectory Connection Settings, eDirectory DNs and eDirectory Certificates). You will be required to re-enter this information during the installation
procedure. You can obtain your current settings by running the configupdate utility, which is located in the User Application installation directory (for example, c:\novell\idm).

2. Install the IDM 3.0.1 User Application using the Custom installation with the User Application and JBoss options selected(see Note below regarding in process resource request tasks).

3. Empty the jboss/server//work directory before starting JBoss server.

Note: After migrating from IDM 3 to IDM 3.0.1, in process resource request tasks might fail to display. To work around the problem, complete the following before installing IDM 3.0.1:
1. Stop the jboss application server and delete the jboss/server/IDMProv/work directory.

2. If you have already installed Identity Manager 3.0.1, stop the jboss server and then delete the jboss/server/IDMProv/work directory. The jboss server must not be running while you delete the work folder.