NW 6.5 - Can't hide _NETWARE directory.

  • 3086326
  • 29-Jan-2008
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


Using VCU to convert SYS to NSS. Encountered an error during conversion and had to manually copy _NETWARE directory. Attempts to reset hidden flags were not successful. _NETWARE was only visible to admin users.


The Directory becomes visible because when it's recreated the "special" trustee assignment on the _netware directory is not there. This trustee is assigned transparently to the directory by the OS during installation. After remotely accessing the problematic servers and reassigning the correct trustee the file was no longer visible to any users. Contact Novell Technical Support to have this special trustee reassigned.

Additional Information

The normal attributes for the _netware directory are Hidden and System.
This can be set and viewed by using the TBX.NLM utility on NetWare.
Example: Load TBX.NLM
cd SYS:\
attrib _netware
HS _netware (expected results).
The utility can be used to set each attribute one at a time.
Example: attrib +h _netware