Unix collector will not run although licensed

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  • 16-May-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Asset Management - ZAM7


The Unix client will start but will not kick off a scan. When a scan is kicked off and you have the Unix collector in debug mode you will see this within the log file:
+ Debug + [ 0 -gt 0 ] + exec /opt/zam/sysinfo/bin/../libexec/platform/aix-powerpc/shlib sie --nw --format report --class all --msglevel all *** Your DEMO license expired Thu Nov 23 15:28:23 2006. *** >>> Your free 30-day DEMO license has expired. Please obtain a permanent >>> license or cease using this program. Licenses may be obtained from>>>http://www.MagniComp.com/sysinfo/sie: CERROR: Failed to obtain a product license.


This could happen for one of two reasons:
1. An upgrade from a previous version of TS.Census/ZAM at the same time as the Unix license was applied.
This could confuse the Client, which at that time would apply the SysInfo upgrade but not the license.
2. Licensing file was not pushed out using our established and proven machanism within the product itself and ends up with a license file in place that wasn't delivered by the Collection Server. In such a case, the Client simply wouldn't notice that the license file is there and consequently will not apply it.
For either case, we have a workaround available. Using UpdateFS, we falsify a license file upgrade by installing an existing copy of tscunix.kb into the FileStore (four times, one for each supported Unix). This triggers an automatic redelivery of the license file to all Unix workstations, which in turn should signal the Client on each of those workstations to apply the license to SysInfo .
Copy one copy of tscunix.kb (any of the existing four) into ZAM's Collection Server's \bin directory.
* Drop a copy of UpdateFS.Exe into the same directory.
* If there is a ZAM Manager running, exit manager before running UpdateFS.Exe
* Create a new text file named UpdateFS.Ini in that directory, containing the following lines (spelling and case sensitivity is crucial):
Files=4 File1=tscunix.kb,13,3,0
* Be sure the Manager is not running, and launch UpdateFS.Exe. It will install the "new" license file into the FileStore four times, once for each supported Unix.
* Restart the Manager. As soon as the Unix workstations check in, the "new" license file should be pushed out and applied.