Linux Access Gateway extended log files being rolled over ever 24 minutes and not 24 hours

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  • 29-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Linux Access Gateway
Novell Access Management 3 Linux Novell Identity Server


Under extended logging profile, chose to have access log files roll over every
day. Instead, the log file roll over every 24 minutes.

The /var/novell/cfgdb/.current/config.xml seems to confirm that it is set for
24 minutes. That matches the behavior seen in the directory and does not match
the setting in the GUI.

Here is the relevant section of config.xml:
LastModified="1172871364100" LastModifiedBy="cn=admin,o=novell"
SelectedOption="extended" UserInterfaceID="logoptions_lp_jnet"
LogMethod="1" LogStatus="1" LogIfRange="1" LogURIStem="1" LogVersion="1"
LogReferrer="1" LogServerIP="0" LogSiteName="0" LogURIQuery="1" LogUserName="1"
LogBytesRcvd="0" LogBytesSent="1" LogFillProxy="0" LogTimeTaken="0"
LogUserAgent="1" LogFillStatus="1" LogXCacheInfo="1" LogBytesFilled="1"
LogReplyPragma="1" LogCachedStatus="0" LogContentRange="1" LogOriginServer="0"
LogContentLength="1" LogRequestPragma="1" LogXForwardedFor="1"
LogReplyHeaderSize="1" LogCompletionStatus="1">

StartingAtTime="12mid" StartingAtTimeBase="local" MinutesTillRollover="24"/>


Fixed in b1nam3sp1.tar.gz (Access Manager 3 Support Pack 1 Beta 1)