Users are not being created in Active Directory

  • 3080354
  • 11-Sep-2006
  • 21-May-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.01
Active Directory Driver
eDirectory 8.8.1
Windows Server 2003


LDAP_NAMING_VIOLATION error is reported in the trace log:


The LDAP_NAMING_VIOLATION error is generally due to a problem in the placement policy. Make sure that you are placing your users in a valid context.

Confirm the following:
1) The placement policy is enabled on the subscriber channel.

2) The placement policy is specifying a valid context in Active Directory for users to be created in.

Example in XML:



3) The document being sent to Active Directory needs to contains a valid destination dn. (dest-dn="cn=test01,cn=Users,dc=novell,dc=com)