Discussion threads are broken

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  • 05-Oct-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5 Client

Combination of GroupWise 6.5 and GroupWise 7 Clients and Distributions Lists


Discussion threads are broken
Broken discussion threads intermittently
Discussion threads are broken in GroupWise 7 Client but looks good in GroupWise 6.5 Client


Corrective Actions:
Upgrade all the GroupWise 6.5 Clients to GroupWise 7

Discussion threads that are already broken will not be seen properly after the upgrade. However, all the new discussion threads will be proper. It has been seen that the combination of GroupWise 6.5 Client and Distribution Lists cause the discussion threads to be broken in GroupWise 7 Client. However, the discussion threads may look good in GroupWise 6.5 Client. There is a difference in how GroupWise 6.5 Client displays the discussion threads as compared to GroupWise 7 Client.

Additional Information

Though this is a defect, this may not be fixed as GroupWise 6.5 Client is End of Life