Error: -654 in Schema Sync when adding a new server to the tree

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  • 01-Oct-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.7 for All Platforms
Novell eDirectory 8.7.1 for All Platforms


Error: -654 in Schema Sync when adding a new server to the tree
Error: "SkulkSchema failed, partition busy (-654)."
When trying to add a new server on the tree, the operation will not finish, giving constantly the "partition busy" message in the screen


You will need to call Novell Technical Services to fix this issue.

Before doing so, please check the next following lines to make sure that the symptoms apply to your case.

Additional Information

There is a stuck Partition Control Attribute in the server holding the Master of Root.
To check if this is the problem you have with iMonitor, launch it on the server holding the master of Root, choose the Schema menu from the panel in the left and then choose "Schema Root" from the Class Definitions sub menu.

You will see here the entry information and the attributes of this object. Look for the "Partition Control" attribute. It will display something like:

Partition Control

9-26-03 5:01:32 pm 1:7Present0Repairing TimeStampsOn.ACME_TREE.

If function is anything different than "Idle", it means that there is a schema operation in progress. If you have control over it try to finish it, otherwise a Novell Technical Support Engineer will need to dial in to fix the issue.
To check for this problem with dsbrowse, load dsbrowse.nlm, Choose"Schema Browse", press F3 to see the properties of [Schema Root], choose "View attributes", choose Partition Control, View Value Details and then choose "Press to display the attribute in hex". You should see FFFFFFFF 00000000 00000000. If this is not the value and you have a number between the FF's and the 00's, then this is the cause of your problem. You will need to contact Novell Technical Support to fix this.

Formerly known as TID# 10087720