LDAP server not found error with "Workstation Only if not connected”

  • 3074263
  • 26-Nov-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Client 4.91sp4
LDAP Contextless Login Enabled
"Workstation Only if not connected” set to ON


The above configuration works great if no network is available; the Client detects that there is no network, bypasses the LDAP discovery, and performs a workstation only login.

However, in the case of a laptop in a public location where a wireless network is available, the client detects the network, attempts the LDAP lookup, and returns an "LDAP Server not found" error.


This is working as designed. The"Workstation Only if not connected” setting causes Login to check for ANY network, and set the Workstation Only checkbox accordingly. It cannot be set to search for only the network where the LDAP server resides.
A new feature was added beginning with NWGINA.DLL dated 26Oct2009 or later (first found in 491psp5_login_3.zip), and documented as follows:
3. Allow suppression of LDAP Contextless Login error messages. (Bug 343524)

Some customer scenarios would prefer that the LDAP Contextless Login feature of the Novell Client would "silently fail" without presenting any additional error messages to the end-user. Support for a registry-based policy has been added as follows:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Graphical Login\NWLGE\LDAP Contextless]

If this registry value exists and is set to 0x00000001, no error messages will be presented by the LDAP Contextless Login feature of the Novell Client. If this value is set to 0x00000000 or does not exist in the registry, then the LDAP Contextless Login feature of the Novell Client will present error messages when LDAP-related operations have failed.

Note that in addition, when an otherwise "silent" eDirectory login would have occurred (e.g. TSClientAutoAdminLogon, PassiveModeNDSLogin, PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent), the LDAP Contextless Login error messages will now also be suppressed by default in these scenarios too. Only when the Novell Client login dialog is actually visible and interactive will the LDAP Contextless Login error messages be allowed to display.