How to limit access to a GMS server or to sync specific items only.

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  • 16-Nov-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS)


Sometimes there is a need to prevent users from using specific type of PDA devices.
You want to limit users with specific family devices to sync only certain items from a GroupWise mailbox.


Based upon what all parts of synchronization you want to prevent, you will need to follow similar steps for a corresponding profile. In this example is describe one way how to accomplish it. For instance, you do not want your users to use other mobile device than SmartPhones:
  • Start Admin Console on a GMS server and expand Intellisync Mobile Suite
  • Under Profile Settings | General | Push/ReadySync create a new profile. Here you can disable all sync settings and make sure that you always deactivate corresponding option"Allow User Override". The default profile in that way will prohibit any sync activity.
  • Under Management | Groups right-click on All Users group and select Edit Profiles. Here on each unwanted family of mobile devices tab change the Push/ReadySync assignment into the new profile with defined restrictions. On SmartPhone tab leave the original, default profile in the Push/ReadySync option. This profile still has enabled sync activity so users with SmartPhones will be able to use them for a synchronization.

There are also some other possibilities to prevent users from using certain type of mobile devices. You can prevent those devices to install the Intellisync client. Simply in a Profile Settings | General | Client Install / Deployment edit default profile and remove desired device client options to be available. Furthermore you can prohibit on those devices a usage f SyncML native clients that are installed on some phones by default - Email Accelerator | Email Accelerator User edit default profile and disable on Settings tab an option "Allow users to sync with SyncML devices".

In other case you would like, for instance, to allow Palm users to sync only Calendar items and nothing else. To achieve this do following:
  • Start Admin Console on a GMS server and expand Intellisync Mobile Suite
  • Under Email Accelerator | Push create a new profile. Here disable all items for a sync but Calendar. Do not forget to deactivate "Allow Users Override" check-box.
  • In existing system with PLAM users already in, there is under Management you can find a group "All Palm OS Users". Edit assigned profiles for this group and in a Server tab change Push item from default into the new profile you created in previous step. In this way all Palm users will be able to select for a sync only Calendar items.
Those above examples show how to play with profiles to limit a functionality or access of the GMS server.