How to install eDirectory 8.8 SP1 without using the oes-edir88 channel

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  • 01-Dec-2006
  • 15-Jan-2014

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


Attempted to install eDirectory 8.8 SP1 on OES Linux. eDirectory 8.8 SP1 was downloaded from While running nds-install, the following error message was displayed and the install process aborted.
%%% ERROR: The novell-ncpenc package of version 5.0.1 should be installed or should be replacing the novell-ncpenc package present in the setup directory before upgrading from this version of eDirectory. Please contact Novell Technical Support for information about the availability of the novell-ncpenc package.


  1. Download novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-6.i386.rpm.
  2. Move novell-ncpenc-1.1-7.i386.rpm out of the eDirectory/setup directory.

    $ mv eDirectory/setup/novell-ncpenc-1.1-7.i386.rpm /tmp
  3. Copy novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-6.i386.rpm into the eDirectory/setup directory.

    $ cp novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-6.i386.rpm eDirectory/setup
  4. Run nds-install again.