Attributes created with time syntax dont show up in imanager under the unvalued attributes.

  • 3069232
  • 22-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


iManager 2.0.2
iManager 2.5
iManager 2.6


Attributes created with the time syntax do not show up as available attributes on objects through iManager.

See notes below for details.


This issue is resolved in iManager 2.7 scheduled to be publicly released the end of June 2007. In the meantime, the workaround is to use consoleone or other tool to modify these attributes.

Additional Information

Tested with iManager 2.5 and 2.6, resolved in 2.7

Steps to duplicate:

1. Create an attribute. iManager/roles and Tasks/schema/create attribute.
a. Give it any name
b. Set syntax: choose time
c. Set attribute flags: sync immediate and single valued
2. Create auxiliary class. Imanager/Roles and tasks/schema/create class
a. Give any name
b. choose auxiliary class
c. don't add any inherited classes/next
d. don't add any mandatory classes/next
e. Add the optional attribute that was created earlier.
3. add auxiliary class to a user. Imanager/Roles and Tasks/schema/object extensions
a. add user to extend...then add newly created auxiliary class.
4. Modify user with newly added auxiliary class to add a value to the new attribute that should show up under unvalued attributes.
a. in Imanager/edirectory administration/modify object/choose user/other tab.
Problem is that the new attribute does not show up in unvalued attributes.

If at this point you go to ConsoleOne and then go to other tab and choose to add attribute, the attribute does show up here.

Other types of attributes that use email address syntax, for example show up fine in iManager when trying to add the attribute. So apparently the issue is with attributes that at least have the time syntax.