What are the command line switches for the IPRNTCMD command?

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  • 17-Oct-2007
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Novell NetWare 6.5
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista


What are the command line switches for the IPRNTCMD command?


ipmcmd can be run from a command prompt. It can also be run through a login script by preceding the command with a # or @.

Usage: iprntcmd [option ]
-a | --addprinter [no-gui] [default] [temporary]
-d | --delprinter
-g | --getdefault
-h | --help
-i | --info
-j | --listjobs
-l | --listlocalprinters
-L | --listprintersonserver
-p | --printfile
-s | --setdefault
-t | --testpage
-v | --version
*Note: Use quotes around printer-uri if it contains spaces.

Example for login script:

IF MEMBER OF "acct_group.users.mycompany" THEN
@iprntcmd -a ipp://myiprintserver.company.com/ipp/myPrinterAgent

Additional Information

  • You will need to use quotes around the URL if the printer agent name contains spaces. Novell recommends that you do not use spaces in your printer agent names, especially if the printer agent is configured to receive print jobs via LPR.
  • If you use http:// , you will need to specify the :631 port number after the IP address or DNS name being used.
  • If you use secure printing with the https:// , you need to make sure that /ipps/ is specified in the URL instead of /ipp/. Additionally, you will need to make sure your printer agents are configured for secure printing. Please refer to the online documentation at https://www.novell.com/documentation for further details.

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