Client freezes when viewing HTML mail in a Linux / KDE environment.

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  • 12-Feb-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7

Cross-Platform Client on Linux


When viewing a HTML mail, client freezes and process needs to be forced to shutdown.
Upon a startup of a GroupWise client from a terminal, you can view similar errors reported like:
Error: Failed to load /home//.novell/groupwise/.webrenderer/linux/corecomponents/libgtk*.so
This problem does not happen on a Linux / GNOME setup, only on Linux / KDE.


From viewing errors upon a startup of a GroupWise client you noticed that there are no GTK libraries auto-loaded. This is due to a GTK package is not installed on a Linux with KDE environment. After you install missing GTK (32 bit version) packages, there is no more problems with rendering HTML mails.
It has been reported to a development.