Server unable to see SLP DA

  • 3059631
  • 13-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 5.1
Novell NetWare 6.5


Installed new server into the tree
Newly installed server is unable to see any Directory Agents (DAs) when doing 'DISPLAY SLPDA'
Configure SLP on NetWare server


Discovered that the new server had SLP Broadcast = ON. Set this to OFF and it was then able to see the DAs.

NOTE! SLP Broadcast - This parameter sets the use of broadcast packets instead of multicast packets. The disadvantage to this are that broadcasts is not routed, so the DA would have to be on the same broadcast domain as the SA with the SLP BROADCAST = ON setting to be discovered.

As the new server was not on the same broadcast domain as the primary DA in SITE-A, it is unable to discover the DA.

SLP Broadcast is usually OFF by default

Additional Information

Customer had 2 DA's in his tree - One in SITE-A and the other in SITE-B - with a named scope of SLPGLOBAL. Both are set to V2 with TCP off. SLP was working. They installed a new server at SITE-B but it was unable to see any DA's.

The new server at SITE-B was configured with slp.cfg to look at the two DAs (first the DA at SITE-A, then the DA at SITE-B). However, it is unable to see the DAs when you enter "display SLPDA" at the console, and therefore is not registering its services with to the DAs.

SLP is working fine as they have installed other servers at new sites and they can view both DAs fine.

- Verified that the SLP DA Discovery Options were correct (SLP DA Discovery = 4)
- Verified that all servers were configured for the correct SLP version (SLP VERSION MODE = 2)
- Verified that SYS:ETC\SLP.CFG was not flagged Read-Only
- Verified that a Line Feed at the end of the SYS:ETC\SLP.CFG file
- Verified that SLPTCP.NLM was not corrupted
- Verified that SLP was binding to the NIC

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