Unable to install iPrint printer from Macintosh workstations

  • 3053360
  • 31-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Macintosh 4.27
Novell iPrint Client for Macintosh 4.34
Macintosh 10.5.2 with security update 2008-002


The following error is returned when attempting to install an iPrint printer to a Mac OS 10.5.2. machine with security update 2008-002.
Error: iPrint encountered a problem trying to install the printer
iPrint Client - The request contained bad syntax.


Fixed iPrint MAC Client v4.36 

What iPrint client version is installed on the mac workstation?

  • Open Safari (browser)
  • click on Help
  • click on Installed Plug-ins
  • scroll down to find Novell iPrint Plug-in


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

An Internet search of 'Mac print security update 2008-002' will reveal that many Mac users are reporting print problems with that update applied. iPrint is also affected. Some Mac users have found a workaround to their CUPS printing problems with the update installed. Initial testing has shown that the workaround has not helped the iPrint printer installation. This TID will be updated when a resolution has been found.
The same Mac security update is known to cause the NetWare server to ABEND when attempting to install an iPrint printer. See KB 3842033 for more information.