Unable to Remote Control using Workstation Object before user login

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  • 15-Oct-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 (Linux based)
Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1 Remote Management


Cannot remote control a workstation using the workstation object before any users have logged in to the workstation.
ERROR:1456: The Remote Management Agent is unable to read information from the eDirectory server. Verify that the workstation object is valid and the Middle Tier server is up and running.

Workstation associated application objects and policies are not working.


There is a resolution that involves OpenSLP, and a workaround that uses DNS. Either will solve this issue, however the DNS method is not supported.

SLP Resolution

Scope- The scope must be set on the client and the SLP server unless the DA is enabled on the SLP server.
1. Define the SLP scope
- Set the scope in the DHCP by setting option 79 to a scope name
- Set the scope in the Novell Client Configuration ->Service Location Tab.
2. Make sure that SLP is selected in the Protocol Preferences Tab of the Novell Client Configuration
3. Define the scope in the SLP configureation
- Open /etc/slp.conf in a text editor and uncomment net.slp.useScopes = myScope1, myScope2, myScope3
- replace myScope1... with the desired scope name
4. Restart SLP
- /etc/init.d/slpd restart
5. Restart eDirectory so that it registers with SLP
- /etc/init.d/ndsd restart

DA- The DA can be configured on the SLP server to eliminate the need to set the scope.
1. Open /etc/slp.conf in a text editor, and uncomment net.slp.isDA = true
2. Restart SLP
- /etc/init.d/slpd restart
3. Restart eDirectory so that it registers with SLP
- /etc/init.d/ndsd restart

Client- Add registry values to the workstation to force the client to communicate correctly with the SLP server.
1. Add the following to the workstation's registry

"Use SingleEquals in Where (V2)"=dword:00000001

For further explanation of this registry key, see TID10095884

Unsupported DNS Workaround
This method isnotrecommended for environments with multiple eDirectory replicas or partitions.

1. Make sure DNS is selected in the Protocol Preferences Tab of the Novell Client Configuration
2. Add the name of the root of the partition that contains the workstation object to the DNS. Point this entry to the ip address of a server that holds an eDirectory replica that contains the workstation object.
- To find this, get a packet trace of the workstation booting up, and look for a DNS query from the workstation for the name of a partition in the eDirectory tree. If no partitions exist, this will be the tree name.

Ex. Info section of DNS Packets from the workstation
1. Standard query A WORKSTATIONS.NOVELL.NOVELL-TREE.test.com
2. Standard query A NOVELL-TREE.test.com
In this example, the WORKSTATIONS and NOVELL containers are not partitions, thus the entry put into the DNS would be NOVELL-TREE.

Additional Information

OES 2 (Linux based) contains a newer version of OpenSLP which recognizes the query from the client that contains the double equals.

Change Log

Removed the following line from the "Client" section: " This modification is not needed in OES 2 (Linux based)." Since OES2 did not change the operation of the RFC-compliant implementation of OpenSLP on the Linux platform. (Earle Wells 6Jan2010)