What GroupWise clients are supported running on OSX v10.5 (Leopard)?

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  • 29-Oct-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Apple Macintosh OSX v10.5 (Leopard)


Which versions of the GroupWise xplat clients are supported running on Macintosh OSX v10.5 (Leopard)


Limited user testing reports that the currently posted GW702HP client for Macintosh works well with Leopard however it is not officially supported. Any defects found with this client running on Leopard will be fixed in the next major release of the GroupWise Macintosh client. If problems are found running on this platform, the recommended workaround is to run the WebAccess client.
There will not be a Macintosh client for GroupWise v6.5.