Export report no longer reruns the report

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  • 23-May-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management - ZAM7.5


When exporting a report within the Web Console we would rerun the actual report which in some cases would take long periods of time depending onthe type of report. For example, from the Web Console, custom reports, a report with a query that has 30,000 records can take several minutes to run just to get the option to export the report then the report takes that much longer.


Fixed in ZENWorks Asset Management 7.5 Interim Release 3.
On the menu at the bottom of the custom report definition page, there are now options to run to PDF, CSV, or Excel directly (hover over the Run option and the others will appear).
Interim Releases can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded manually at https://download.novell.com . The Interim releases can be set up within the ZAM Manager for the Task server to check the site on a scheduled basis, and download and apply them automatically. Please refer to the Help Section for details of how to set up automatic downloads if desired.
Each interim release is cumulative. If Interim Release 3 is not available due to a newer interim release being placed on the website, be assured that the code needed is in the later release.

Additional Information

These options will always run the entire report. If you would like to run only 100 records at a time go to HTML first, and then select PDF, CSV, or Excel. When the entire report is run (either here or later from the HTML report, or when run as a scheduled report), the initial query to get a record count is not run. This will be a big time saver.
When running scheduled reports we have made a change when the "maximum records" is specified. Prior to this change, we would display "This is a partial list containing N of a total of M records" when we got a parrtial list. Now we display "This is a partial list - the report was limited to N records". We do have to run the count query when going to HTML, to determine if we are paging or not. The combination of being able to go directly to PDF (etc.), and not running the count query will be a big time saver.