Server too busy message during a priming of caching mailbox.

  • 3047279
  • 01-Feb-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 32 bit Client


During either initial priming of new mailbox or in general upgrading caching mailbox, a client displays a message about GroupWise server being busy and next retry in 1 or more minutes.


A problem is related to TCP Handler threads available for a C/S connections and allocated for a priming of caching mailbox. A default POA settings are set too low which results in a situation when there is only 1 TCP thread allocated for a priming and a live move. If one two users tries to prime their caching mailboxes in about same time, only the first one gets served. Even if his caching mailbox update is finished, a thread is till kept locked for few more minutes thus next user who tries updating his caching mailbox get server busy notification as there is no free thread available.
Increase a number of TCP handler threads on POA settings to any higher number than default 6. It is good also to increase in parallel in a same way also a number of Message Handler Threads. Then also a percentage of Max Thread Usage for Priming ad Moves. Those settings can be configured from ConsoleOne and also via HTTP interface of a POA which might be better option as you can see a number of allocated threads for priming directly.
Enabling HTTP interface on POA:
  1. Start ConsoleOne and view properties of POA.
  2. Go into GroupWise | Agents Settings -> HTTP Settings section and define a HTTP User and Password.
  3. Go also in GroupWise | Network Address to note or modify HTTP port.
  4. After that you can monitor a POA via web browser link http://:. You get authentication dialog where you need to supply a user and password you defined in step 2.
Modifying POA settings via HTTP interface:
  1. Connect to a POA via web browser,
  2. Click on Configuration link and scroll down to a Performance Settings.
  3. Here you can modify C/S Handler Threads by clicking on a link. Similarly Message Worker Threads.
  4. Scroll down on Configuration page in a Client/Server Settings section. Click on Max Thread Usage for Priming and Live Moves. On next displayed page you can use drop-down menu to increase Maximum Percent allowed parameter. After you click on Submit, you see how many threads in numbers are allocated. Make sure that at least 2 are allocated. Also remember, threads are shared and dynamically allocated on demand so you do not need to have 1 thread for each user considered.
  5. If you modify a priming settings from ConsoleOne, POA | Agent Settings, consider after a change a restart of POA to take those changes in effect.