Sentinel: Adding right click menu item in Active Views

  • 3045860
  • 10-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
RedHat Linux
Solaris 9


How do I add a right-click menu item in Active Views of Sentinel Control Center?


To add a right-click function in Active Views, follow the instructions below

  1. Log into SentinelControl Center
  2. Select Admin tab
  3. Highlight Menu Configuration
  4. Click Modify
  5. Click New
  1. Type in the Name of the Menu item
  2. Enter in the Description of the item
  3. Select either Execute Command or Launch Web Browser
  4. Enter the Command to be executed.

NOTE:The command must reside in the following folder.

Solaris: $ESEC_HOME/sentinel/exec

Windows: %ESEC_HOME%\sentinel\bin

  1. Enter the Parameters using the list below

NOTE:If a file is used as part of the parameter, an absolute path must be used.

  1. Click OK
  2. Click Save
  1. Select Active Views tab
  2. Right click on an event select the menu item to test

Additional Information

Menu Configuration Help

When specifing the parameters, you can utilize % tags to indicate values that are to be replaced based on the event that the user selects.

Available Tags:

%CorrelatedEventUuids% - Correlated Event IDs

%Criticality% - Criticality

%Ct1% - Customer Reserved 1

%Ct2% - Customer Reserved 2

%Ct3% - Customer Reserved 3

%DateTime% - Date and Time

%DestinationHostName% - Destination Host Name

%DestinationIP% - Destination IP

%DestinationPort% -Destination Port

%DestinationUserName% - Destination User Name

%EventID% - Event ID

%EventName% - Event Name

%EventTime% - Event Time

%ExtendedInformation% - Extended Information

%FileName% - File Name

%Message% - Message

%ProductName% - Product Name

%Protocol% - Protocol

%ReporterName% - Reporter Name

%Resource% - Resource Name

%Rt1% - e-Security Reserved 1

%Rt2% - e-Security Reserved 2

%Rt3% - e-Security Reserved 3

%SensorName% - Sensor Name

%SensorType% - Sensor Type

%Severity% - Severity

%SourceHostName% - Source Host Name

%SourceID% - Source ID

%SourceIP% - Source IP

%SourcePort% - Source Port

%SourceUserName% - Source User Name

%SubResource% - Subresource Name

%Vulnerability% - Vulnerability

%WizardAgent% - Wizard Agent

%WizardPort% - Wizard Port

%CustomerVar1% through

%CustomerVar100% - Customer Reserved CV Fields

%ReservedVar1% through

%ReservedVar100% - e-Security Reserved RV Fields