TBX.NLM commands and syntax

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  • 21-Feb-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


TBX.NLM commands and syntax
TBX.NLM provides much of the same functionality as TOOLBOX.NLM


To get a list of commands, load TBX.NLM then type "?" or "tools" or "man" at the server console to see the following:

Usage: tools [command]
? (tools,man) - display this command listing
attrib (chmod) - modify the attributes of a file or directory
cd (chdir) - change the current working directory
copy (cp) - copy a file to a destination
del (rm,rmdir) - remove a file or directory
dir (ls) - list files to the screen
dtx - convert a decimal number to hexadecimal
mkdir (md) - create a subdirectory
move (mv) - move/rename a file system entry
od - display a file in a hexadecimal dump
popd - pop (return to) working directory on stack
pushd - push current working directory on a stack
pwd - print current working directory to the screen
ren (mv) - move/rename a file system entry
mrdir (rd) - remove a directory
sleep - sleep for a specified period of time
type (cat) - display a file on the screen
xtd - convert a hexadecimal number to decimal

Type any of the commands at the system console without arguments to see its syntax. For example, typing "cp" and hitting ENTER produces:

Usage: cp [-r] [-v] []

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