FFFDFFFD sms buffer under run errors during tape restore

  • 3042383
  • 11-Jul-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


NetWare 6.5 sp5
Novell sms tsafs.nlm
Any tape backup software
Problem happens during a tape restore to the NetWare volumes
Traditional NetWare volumes


The tsadbg.log files show that the tape software is passing in a dataSize greater than 8 when the fid = SIDF_OFFSET_TO_END is reached.
1. Restore is failing when restoring to a Traditional Volume.

2. During Restore, TSAFS tries to decode the whole buffer passed by the application which is supposed to send exact data pertaining to the dataset. The SIDF buffer passed by the tape software contains some data beyond the actual SIDF encodings of a file. This causes TSAFS to process data beyond the SIDF trailers, which is causing a BUFFER_UNDERFLOW error.


Older tsas such as tsa600 and tsa500, discarded this extra data in the SIDF buffer whereas tsafs.nlm did not. This has been changed in TSAFS.NLM (06/12/2006 06:12 PM )
This tsafs.nlm will be available in the next spack for NetWare 6.5 and in the next patch release for sms, tsa5up20.exe. Also it is available upon request from Novell support.