Messages are backing up in the GWINPROG directory.

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  • 14-Mar-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


GroupWise 6.5
GroupWise 7.0


Messages are backing up in the GWINPROG directory.
The MTA processes the messages very slowly.
Error: "Waiting for task 'NGW-ROUTER0' to complete."
MTA stops responding with "Waiting for task NGW-ROUTER" messages.
Message Transfer Agent takes a long time to unload.


If allow MTA to send directly to other GW system is enabled and the MTA cannot reach the first DNS server on the list in the RESOLV.CFG then the MTA will time out looking up the DNS entry for each server.

Either fix the RESOLV.CFG or disable this feature in ConsoleOne. It is found in Tools | GroupWise System Operations | System Preferences | Routing Options.

Additional Information

The NGW-Router threads main function is to Scan the GWINPROG directory for messages, then read the header information and decide which domains and post offices it needs to go to. It then copies the message into MSHOLD subdirectory for each destination.

With the Allow MTA to send directly to other GroupWise systems, the router thread has to determine if the destination system is running GroupWise and if so if the other system has this feature enabled as well. To do this it looks for a DNS text record which contains the IP address and port of the destination's MTA.
For more information on allowing MTAs to send directly to other GroupWise systems see the Using Dynamic Internet Links section of the Novell GroupWise documentation.