SNMP Monitoring is disabled for GroupWise under Linux

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  • 29-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5.4 Linux
Novell GroupWise 7 SP2
SLES 9 (Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9)
SLES 10 (Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10)


upgraded to latest net-snmp package for SLES9
configured SNMP on SLES9 server per Novell Documentation
SNMP Monitoring is disabled
SNMP software cannot find SNMP packets
MTA and POA show SNMP disabled


This has been reported to Development

It has been determined that this will not be fixed in the 64 bit version of Linux, it would be too envasive to fix this problem.  However it works in the 32 bit version of Linux.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

NOTE: This problem will not be fixed in GroupWise 6.5, 7.  Unknown at this time if this will be fixed in GroupWise 8 SP1 or not.

Steps to duplicate:

1. Enable SNMP for MTA, POA, GWIA using ConsoleOne. (Enabled by default)

2. Make sure net-snmp is installed on SLES9 server

3. Check to make sure snmpd is configured per documentation

4. Restart snmp after the appropriate configuration is made

5. Start GroupWise Agents. Check Status (Web Console, --show, and logs will show disabled). They never enable.

6. Use SNMP software to get info. Can't find any SNMP traffic from agents, GroupWise Monitor will see the agent, but cannot get any information about it. It just hangs.

Formerly known as TID# 10098969

Additional Information to help identify and duplicate problem: from 05/29/2007

Trying to get basic snmp communication going for his GroupWise Linux MTA and POA and gets a mib error. He has OES2 Linux , based on SLES9. I duplicate the same error on SLES10.

To setup SNMP on linux, go to this URL and follow steps 1-3 below :

1. Choose hotlink of "Setting Up SNMP Services for the Linux POA"
2. Do steps 1 thru 6
3. ON the linux box terminal scree as root, issue the command:
snmpget -v 1 -c Public .

you get the error:
"Error in packet, Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises."

and in the Net-snmp.log file at /var/log, I see the error :
"dlopen failed: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"

I know that my snmpd daemon on my SLES10 box is setup correctly as I can issue the following commands and get back the proper information from a Netware 6.5 sp6 server and the MTA and POA on this same server:

1. snmpget -v 1 -c PUBLIC . // to get server up time
# SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Timeticks (238451340) 27 days, 14:21:53:40


2. snmpget -v 1 -c PUBLIC . // To get POA name
# SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = STRING:"POA.P2.7.GroupWise.Novell"

It just does not work to get back basic snmp information from a Linux MTA or POA.