When salvaging a file on and OES Linux NSS volume, the deletor name is not available

  • 3034964
  • 16-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 (Linux based)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2


When Salvage has been enabled on a NSS volume running on a Novell Open Enterprise server (OES) with Support Pack 2.
When a workstation with a Novell Client is used to map to this volume, and the Salvage option is chosen, the deleted files are visible however the deletor name shows up as "Not Available"


In order for the deletor name to show up, a user needs to be LUM (Linux User Management) enabled.
Also please make sure that patch-11527 has been installed, this patch can be found in the OES Channel and can be installed using RUG.

The procedure on how to correctly patch your server are specified in KB 3045794: How To Correctly Patch an Open Enterprise Server Linux Via RUG