Target column is overwritten when using Docgen to generate a PDF documentation

  • 3032258
  • 30-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.5
Novell Identity Manager Designer 2.0M4


When generating a DocGen as a PDF file; the text in "Target" column is overwritten the text in the "Target type" if the value of the flowdata.start column is too long, and this value does not have any spaces.


This is a bug in the 2.0 M4 release of the Novell Identity Manager Designer. The workaround for this is to generate the DocGen as a RTF file

Steps to enable RTF support.

1) From Designer for Indentity Manager
2) Select 'Window'-->Preferences-->Designer for IDM-->Document Generation-->Enable RTF support (experimental)
3) Once the RTF file doc is generated, the column, width, font, or font size can be changed using OpenOffice or Microsoft Word.


Reported to Engineering