Sentinel: Do we need a new License Key if we change the IP address or hardware?

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  • 02-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Solaris 9
Sentinel and previous versions


Installing Sentinel obtained from e-Security before Novell acquisition.


The License Key before Novell acquisition is based on hostid and depends on MAC address (short for Media Access Control address), a hardware address that uniquely identifies each node of a network.
Currently, all licenses should be obtained from Novell through the Customer Care Portal. This license is not tied to the hostid and does not require a new license if moving the install to new hardware. Continue to use the same license key obtained via the Customer Care Portal. All customers requesting new licenses should get them from the Customer Care Portal. To obtain a license through the Customer Care Portal, please contact your Novell Sales Representative. (Note: Novell Support cannot deliver licenses for Sentinel.)
In some rare circumstances you may still be granted a license based on hostid and you will need to follow the steps listed below. (Note: Novell Support will not be granting the license, but can help facilitate the request, but it will require opening a Service Request with support. It is still recommended that you obtain a license from the Customer Care Portal if possible.)

From Install Guide Chapter 3 and 4:

Obtaining a License Key
The Sentinel Server Database Access Service (DAS) requires that you have a
valid license key in order to install and run the service. This license key is locked
to the machine where you are going to install DAS. A license key issued for one
machine will not work on another machine.
To obtain your license key, you must determine your host ID number and provide
this information to e-Security who will then assign you a license key.

To determine your host ID (UNIX)
1. Enter the following command:
2. Submit this host ID number to Novell Customer Support via Service Request.

To determine your host ID (WINDOWS)
1. Insert the Sentinel installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.
2. Browse to the utilities directory on the CD.
3. Run the executable:
4. Submit this host ID number to Novell Customer Support via a Service Request.