Console One hangs when trying to make changes in GWIA Settings

  • 3019204
  • 18-Apr-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7.01
Novell Console One 1.3.6
Novell Console One 1.3.4


Console One hangs when making changes in GWIA Settings.
Console One will hang after editing the Default Class of Service.
Creating a second class of service and does not hang.


Possible solutions:
1) Toggle GWIA subdirectory (*note below)
2) Update ConsoleOne version.
3) Update GroupWise snap-ins for ConsoleOne.
4) Try ConsoleOne on other Workstations.
5) Rename the domain/wpgate/gwia/GWAC.DB file and reloaded the GWIA agent to create a new one.
6) Try validate and a recover on the GWIA database. In ConsoleOne | GWIA properties | Access Control tab | Database Management
7) Validate and recover on the Domain database. In ConsoleOne | Right click Domain | GroupWise Utilities | System Maintenance | validate and then recover the domain.
8) Connect to the Domain that owns the GWIA gateway.
To toggle the GWIA subdirectory:
Go to ConsoleOne | Properties of the GWIA | GroupWise Tab | Identification Tab | subdirectory field (note the subdirectory selected is GWIA)
Go in to the Domain/Wpgate/Gwia directory and create a directory called Temp
Go back to ConsoleOne subdirectory field and change the subdirectory to be Temp | save and change back to GWIA.
In the case above ConsoleOne subdirectory field tells ConsoleOne where the Gwac.db resides and is needed in order that ConsoleOne can commit change to the gwac.db file. The setting may become corrupt in the domain and the simple toggle instructions above allow for that record to be rewritten properly.

Additional Information

In one case Java was updated from version 1-3-02 to 1-4-2.

Formerly known as TID# 10091741