Difference in size between Online and Caching mailbox

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  • 12-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 32 bit Client


Maximum 4096Mb limit on mailboxes
Difference is size reported on online and caching mailboxes.


There are two issues, the first being that the settable limit of 4 Gb is too small.  This has been submitted to development and
will be considered for a future release.

The second issue appears to be a common misunderstanding. When the disk space limit feature was originally implemented in caching
mode it was decided that it should display the disk space used and the disk space limit by making OS calls, to get the exact disk
space used and disk space available numbers from the local disk drive.

When in online mode, the limit is the limit set by the administrator while the size used is basically the sum of all of the "size"
values for all of the messages in the users mailbox.

The reason that online and caching mode will disagree on the size is simple:
Caching is reporting the disk space consumed by the Groupwise store directory.
While online is showing the sum of the message "sizes".

Caching mode is including some "overhead" things like the system address book that has been downloaded, shared folder messages
from other users that have been downloaded but are not "owned" by this user, etc.

On the other hand, online is not taking into account the fact that GroupWise shares the same attachment set among all of the
recipients for a message. Instead, each user is "credited" with a full "size" even though the storage is shared. Also, "size"
is the size before the store compresses the message attachments.

The feature was further enhanced in caching mode:

1. To disallow sending from caching mode if the user was over their limit.
2. To give the user a way to see that their online store was over the limit.
3. To give the user a way to clean up their online limit.
4. To provide a way to force caching users to delete their old mail.

Two admin options were added, which are off by default:

1. A setting to enforce disk space limits onto caching
2. A setting to enforce cleanup options onto caching.

Both options can be set at the domain, post office or user level in client options.

The first option does the following when you set it:

1. It toggles the caching U/I so that it shows the limit set by the administrator and the disk spaced used by online mode.
2. It stops the user from sending if their online is over the limit.
3. When you go to the management screen, the only items that are shown are the ones that still exist in online mode.
Note that it no longer displays or cares about the disk space of the local store.

The second option does the following when you set it:

1. It stops honoring the "protection" lists created by expire/reduce and auto/archive/purge. This means that when caching syncs
up, the items deleted by the last nightly maintenance will be deleted from the users cache(s).