POA differences handling 820e and 8201 delivery errors with GW 6.5 and GW 7.

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  • 28-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Post Office Agent


In GroupWise 6.5 when one or more user or msg databases are locked, the POA reports either an  820E (locked) or 8201 (access denied).  Delivery will retry 3 times and if unsuccessful will create an entry in the ngwdfr.db and place a message file in \offiles.   The POA will retry delivery later.  When msg Dbs are locked AND the ngwdfr.db is locked the POA would continuously retry (fixed in GroupWise 6.5.4)

With GW 7 when the POA reports 820E (locked) or 8201 (access denied) they will be treated the same for delivery retry.  New to GW 7, the POA will log an Error: 821A.
When the msg db is locked,  the Message file is moved to \po\wpcsout\ofs\defer\xxx ( msg DB #)
The POA then runs thru the "Check Defer Lock Event" code.  This event checks every 5 minutes to find out  if the is still locked.
When the user db is locked the Message file will be moved to \po\wpcsout\ofs\defer\userdb\
Check Defer Lock Event is initiated and as soon as the ngwdfr.db is unlocked, all files under \defer\userdb\ will be moved to \po\wpcsout\ofs\4 and if the certain user db is still locked, a defer entry for this message will be created for defer delivery.
The \po\wpcsout\ofs\defer\xxx ( msg DB #) directory will Only exist while the msg db is locked and the msg hasn't been written to the db.
The \po\wpcsout\ofs\defer\userdb\ file will Only exist while the user db is locked and the msg hasn't been written to the db.
When all the Dbs are unlocked, all the defer subdirectories, files and the defer directory will be removed and the auto event will terminated itself.