NetWare only detects one LUN on SAN when using QLogic Driver

  • 3009172
  • 31-May-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell Open Enterprise Server (NetWare based)
QLogic Host Bus Adapter (HBA)


SAN Disk is not seen by NetWare
NetWare only sees one LUN
QLogic Configuration Utility shows all LUNs.


Edit C:\nwserver\startup.ncf and add the following switch to the QLogic Driver load line(s):
  • /MAXLUNS=n
where n is the number of LUNs you have presented to the HBA.

If that does not work, go into the QLogic BIOS (CTRL-Q when you see the QLogic banner during the server boot process), and set the"Luns Per Target" to a value other than 0 or 1.

Additional Information

Novell is providing this information as a convenience to customers.  The information above came from QLogic.  If you can issue a "SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES" at the server console and still not see the LUN(s), the problem is likely somewhere other than NetWare.  It could be an issue with the Driver (including switches), the Firmware, or LUN masking in the SAN Fabric.  You may want to contact QLogic if the issue persists.

For more information on the driver switches, download the latest driver from QLogic.  Inside the zip is a text file that explains the available driver switches and what they do.