NDPS on NetWare remote integer overflow vulnerability

  • 3009145
  • 02-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


NovellDistributed Print Services (NDPS).
Novell Novell Open Enterprise Server (NetWare based)


Remote integer overflow is possible.


Fix for this vunlerability is in DPRPCNLM.NLM version 3.00.16 and dated 05-02-2006 or newer.

Question / Answer:
How long has this vulnerability existed?
This vulnerability has always existed with NDPS and iPrint. 

How serious is the vulnerability?
Novell recommends that every server that has NDPS, iPrint, or iManager that manages an iPrint server apply this update.   Also of interest, there have been no reports of this vulnerability being exploited.

What are the risks of applying this update?
The changes made to resolve the vulnerability are very minor.  The risk that the change made will have a negative impact on the server's performance is very low.

What are the risks of not applying this update?
Someone could write an executable to overflow the server's buffer.  There have been no reports of this ever happening, but it is possible.


Reported to Engineering
Security Alert

Additional Information

Vulnerability was discovered by Ryan Smith and Alex Wheeler associated with http://www.hustlelabs.com.

More detailed information regarding this advisory can be found athttp://www.hustlelabs.com/novell_ndps_advisory.pdf.