Alias objects cause the Automatic Workstation Removal Service to fail.

  • 3008943
  • 17-Jul-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 - ZDM7 Automatic Workstation Removal


If there are multiple paths within a WorkStation Removal Server Policy and the "Remove WorkStations from Subcontainers" is selected, the service will fail to continue searching if it encounters an ALIAS object.


Fixed in ZENworks 7 with SP1 Desktop Management, available at Novell Downloads

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:

1) Create an OU called container1 and import a WorkStation here.
2) Create a USER ALIAS object somewhere within container1 or within a subcontainer.
3) Create an second OU called container2 at the same level as container1 and import a WorkStation here.
4) Create a WorkStation Removal Server Policy and assign it to the server.
5) Within the policy add the OUs container1 and container2 (ensure container1 is listed first). Select the "Remove workstations from subcontainers".
6) Set a schedule.

The resulting log file shows:

Apr 28, 2006 9:15:47 PM Checking for unused workstations in container:
ldap://localhost:389/cn=admin,o=uk,ou=services,o=uk Apr 28, 2006 9:15:47 PM javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Invalid name:

The Service is interpreting the object as a container that requires expanding and searching.