SUN Olson TZ data tzdata2005r or greater incompatibility

  • 3008665
  • 09-Mar-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Java SE v1.4.x


Sun Alert 102836 "Olson TZ Data (tzdata2005r or greater) Incompatibility Issues"
Sun as released a document to address a issue with Daylight Saving time for Java
  • JDK and JRE v1.4.2_12 and above
  • JDK and JRE 5.0u8 and above
  • JDK and JRE 6 and above
  • any instance of java that has been update by the TZUpdater tool.

This condition will be apparent under one of the following two circumstances:

A)The use of old 3-letter TZ IDs, limited to: "EST", "HST", "MST".


B)The parsing of date strings containing one of the following three TZ strings: "EDT", "HDT", or"MDT".


All Novell products which rely on the Sun JRE need this update to avoid Daylight Saving Time issues.