How do I change the Sonic port from the default 10012 to a different port number?

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  • 16-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 5.x
Sonic 6.1


Modifying the Sonic Port in Sentinel


  • Start Sonic Management Console on the Sonic server.
    • Solaris, Linux: $ESEC_HOME/3rdparty/SonicMQ/MQ6.1/bin/
    • Windows: %esec_home%\3rdparty\SonicMQ\MQ6.1\bin\startmc.bat
  • In Sonic Management Console, click on Action =>Connect =>New Actions
    • Connection Name: anythingDomain Name: esec
    • DomainConnection URLs: tcp://localhost:10012
  • From Configure tab, go to =>Configured Objects =>Brokers =>esecBroker =>Acceptors
    • On your right hand side, right click on TCP_ACCEPTOR, right click on Properties.
    • Change the port to desired .
  • Modify $ESEC_HOME/3rdparty/SonicMQ/MQ6.1/container.xml
    • In this file, change 10012 to desired .
  • Restart eSecuirty Communication Service.
    • Now you should be able to use Sonic Management Console to connect to the desired .
  • For eSecurity Service to connect to this new port, modify configuration.xml and replace :10012 with desired .
    • Solaris, Linux: $ESEC_HOME/configuration.xml
    • Windows: %esec_home%\configuration.xml

Additional Information

This only applies to Sonic 6.1 version