SecureLogin Passphrase not accepted

  • 3007965
  • 29-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin 6.0 (NSL 6.0)


- User passphrase not accepted
- If NSL has been upgraded from 3.5x to 6.0 the user will enter in the correct passphrase but it will be rejected.
- Upgrade from NSL 3.5x to NSL 6.0
- Administrator reset user password


This is addressed in NSL 6.0.106 client and greater.

Change the user's network password back to the original one which will restore their access to their SSO credentials.

Additional Information

- Does not affect NSL 6.0 if this version was installed clean. (IE. not upgraded from 3.5x)
- When an administrator resets a user's password, the next time that user logs in NSL will prompt for passphrase to NSL.