A folder named ":.::" is appearing on Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 NSS volumes

  • 3007684
  • 22-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 (Linux)
Novell-ncpserv 2.0-43
Novell-nss 4.9.2234-1


A folder with the name "..::"is appearing on a Novell Storage Services (NSS) Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 (linux) volume.
This folder can be seen from within NetWare Remote Manager en with a mapped drive using the Novell
When using a terminal on the local server this directory can not be seen.


At this moment there is the following workaround:

Mount the volume with namespace=unix instead of namespace=long
This can be done doing the following:

NSSMU | Volumes | Select affected volume | hit F9 | choose Namespace=unix


Add "ns=long" to the line where the affected volume is mounted


Reported to Engineering