Netware server abends when installing Identity Manager 3

  • 3007549
  • 29-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Software Involved:
Novell Netware 6.5
Novell Identity Manager 3
SecretStore 3.5
SSSI.NLM v. 3.5 dated September 20, 2005
Edirectory 8.7.3.x

Secret Store installed prior to the installation of Identity Manager 3


Server abends at the end of the install of Novell Identity Manager 3

Secret Store 3.5 installed prior to the installation of Identity Manager 3.
The abend will not occur unless Secret Store version 3.5 has been installed prior to the install of Identity Manager 3.
Specifically, the problem module is SSSI.NLM dated September 20, 2005.  The IDM3 install will install SSSI.NLM with the same version, but a different date, September 16, 2005.  The 16th is the version that will prevent the abend.


There are two options
1.  Before installing Identity Manager 3, rename sys:\system\sssi.nlm..
2.  During the install when prompted to overwrite files choose"Always overwrite newer files".

Additional Information

Secret Store from the Novell Developer Kit will install sys:\system\sssi.nlm Version 3.03.00 September 20, 2005.