ZPM Head Request Failed ERROR 12007

  • 3007382
  • 21-Jun-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management


Workstation Agents:
Computers show up as offline with a deployment in progress.
Event logs on PLUS server shows error Agent: Head failed: Head request failed: Error is 12007. Host is 10001109 HTTP error = 0
"Computers" page of PLUS, the status of these machines show up as offline with a deployment in progress.
Package Replication:
Can not register local PLUS server with PLHOST
Package Replication is not downloading requested packages. If the ZPM PLUS server is not downloading packages. The system log has the following error when an update is initiated. "SubAgent: Head failed: Head request failed. Error is 12007. Host=1109 HTTP Error=0".


Steps to resolve workstation offline issues:
  1. Check for duplicate IP addresses
  2. Check the URL you installed the agent with to make sure it can be resolved.
  3. Check the ZPM Server event viewer system log for w3svc errors on the account Plus_Agent or Plus_anonyomous.
  4. The agent is not able to find the patchlink update server website to post back. The clients in question stopped being able to name resolve (via DNS) to the ZPM server.

Steps to resolve Package Replication:

  1. The PLUS server stopped being able to name resolve (via DNS) to the PLUS ZPM server. Open the firewall port for DNS resolution or edit the Hosts file and add in novell.patchlink.com and its IP address.
    • If this is a deployment, this may be a generic error and doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem with the deployment. Allow the computer to run for a while because it may be in the process of obtaining the package or dealing with a slow connection. If this problem persists, you can remove the deployment and attempt to redeploy the patch.
    • The following will cancel a deployment:
      1. Click on PACKAGES
      2. Click on the hyperlink of the package you wish to cancel
      3. Place a check in the box of the computer you wish to cancel the deployment toClick REMOVE
      4. If you can not remove the deployment, then stop and start the SQLSERVERAGENT service. This will reset the communication and you should be able to remove the packages to the computers in question.