Migrating from NT to NetWare - rights not operative after migration

  • 3007048
  • 27-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Netware 6.5 sp5
Windows NT
Migrating from the Windows NT box to the Netware server using the CMT utility. (migration tool kit)


The migration went fine. No errors. However after the migration was finished users did not have rights to directories that had been migrated from the NT server. The user trustee assignments were still intact but these rights did not flow down to any of the subdirectories. The problem is that NT does not have inheritance in their trustee structure. To accommodate this, Netware imposes an IRF on all subdirectories imported from the Windows server. These IRFs must then be eliminated from the Netware server for these migrated directories. Then the rights will flow down as they should. The rights filter can be checked at the workstation dos box by using the rights.exe command:
rights /F
This will show what rights have been filtered out due to the IRF. The rights command can be used to remove this filter if desired.
rights /? /F
will provide a help screen with all the available filtering options. Specific IRFs can be set. If all rights need to be unfiltered the following command can be used:
rights +ALL /F /S
This command will allow all rights granted above to flow down through the directory structure. This command can be run on any directory or at the root directories of the volume traversing the entire subdirectory structure.


Use the rights command to remove the IRF after the migration is finished.