Troubleshooting ZENworks Patch Management

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Novell ZENworks Patch Management
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


ZENworks Patch Management Server (PLUS Server) Checklist:

- Ensure the system is New, running Windows 2000 or 2003 server (web edition not recommended), with ONLY the service pack installed, and not part of a Windows Domain.
- IIS default site must be running (ASP and .NET enabled) (DO NOT lock down before ZENworks PatchManagment has been installed).
- DO NOT install Terminal Services, DO NOT Install ZENworks PatchManagement thru a Terminal Session. (You can install Terminal Services later if desired)
- If the server has previous versions of MSDE or other SQL, patches, or hot fixes installed, the install WILL fail.

These 5 services must always be running on the PatchLink Update Server. These services must be set to Started and Automatic:

PatchLink Update
(This is the agent service)
(This is the database)
(This is the service that runs the SQL jobs. Every time you click "Update Now", that launches a SQL job. Any type of button at the bottom of the PLUS server runs a job. If the job fails, it writes it in the event viewer.)
IIS Admin Service
(This is the internet information service)
World Wide Web Publishing Service
(This is the web server)

Troubleshooting Logs on the ZENworks Patch Management Server:

Administrative Tools> Event Viewer

- Application logs:
WSH (Windows Scripting Host) error messages.
(Replication Failures)

GravitixISAPI errors
(Errors if Agents can not use ISAPI to communicate with SQL)

PatchLink Update Service
(Subscription Agent Communication errors)

PatchLink Update Agent
(Client Agent errors)

(SQL Job Failures)

- System Logs:
W3SVC error messages. (WebServer Authentication errors)

The PLUS web site runs on Ports 80 - 443
(Agent to PLUS needs 80 for HTTP, 443 if you choose internal SSL.)

Allow 443 PLUS to PLHOST

Use PLDiagnostic.exe to check for Web Issues, SQL Issues, Registry Issues, Windows Issues and Events

On the ZENworks Patch Management Server open up an IE window go to (you should get a login prompt), this checks communication.

ZENworks Patch Management managed workstation checklist:

Troubleshooting Logs on the workstation:

- Set the Start | Settings | Control Panel | Novell Patch Management Client Agent Logging Level to "Debug". To capture the most recent errors, clear the Agent Log and do a "Check Now", then perform the action that is having the problem, View the Agent Log and save the agent log to provide to Technical Support.
- Obtain the Client Agent Log from C:\Program Files\Patchlink\Update Agent\Patch Management Agent.log. This log shows the communication with the local PLUS server.
- Obtain the Detection Agent Log from C:\Program Files\Patchlink\Update Agent\DEBUG.LOG This log will show the inventory scan and other things detected on the workstation.
-Obtain the Event Viewer Application Logs from Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer
GravitixISAPI errors (Errors if Agents can not use ISAPI to communicate with SQL)
PatchLink Update Agent (Client Agent errors)

Additional Information

Example SQL Query to find all remediation bundles that are using a zpm patch bundle:
select displayname
from zbundle
where zuid in (select actionsetobject
      from zactionset
      where id in (select actionset
       from zaction
       where name like 'MS12-014 Security Update for Windows XP (KB 2661637%')
Formerly known as TID 10093686

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