Files not showing up after restore with IBM Tivoli

  • 3006760
  • 26-Jun-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Netware 6.5 sp5
IBM Tivoli tape software


The problem is that after the restore, files with unicode chars in them could not be seen from the workstation unless they disabled the utf8 code in the Netware client. If unicode is enabled they can't see the files. No errors during backup/restore. If the files were renamed to non unicode names they still could not be seen. These same files could be initially created from the workstation and could be seen fine, however, if they were restored from tape the problem occurred.

The customer did have the 4.91 sp1 client which has full utf8 support. . 
The files could be seen from utilities running on the server fine, even after the restore. Files with non unicode characters in the names never had any problems after the restore. They could be seen from the workstations fine.


NWLIB6G.EXE This is the latest clib/libc update as of this TID. When utf8 characters are used, SMS uses libc to translate the characters from unicode to the old mbcs format if the tape software requires it. This is the case with Tivoli.