smdr.novell not registered with slp for cluster resources

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  • 11-Jun-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Novell Open Enterprise Server (NetWare based)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 (OES 1) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


Not able to get smdr.novell registered with slp for cluster resources but the smdr.novell service for the physical node is registered.

Error: "cluster--<212>: Read ResVol error -603"


This turned out be a rights issue. Another attribute was added to the NCS:Volume Resource and after saving this attribute everything began to work. The fact that the attribute NCS:Volume was added to this resource was not important but what was important is that during the save the rights somehow took care of themselves and now the needed attributes could be read, NCS:Volumes and NCS:NCP Server.

Also note that SMDR must be shutdown and restarted the first time a smdr cluster resource is created.  Hence forth it will be aware of the cluster resource and advertise it correctly.

  • On NetWare use smsstop/smsstart
  • On Linux use novell-smdrd restart

Additional Information

SMDR.NLM is responsible for smdr.novell to be registered with slp for the physical node.
TSAFS.NLM is responsible for smdr.novell to be registered with slp for the cluster resources.

A dstrace log was used to identify how TSAFS acts when loading to know what to register with slp.

1 - A list of all objects under the cluster object is requested with their type.
2 - All NCS:Volume Resources are then read in the order returned and two attributes need to be read from them, NCS:Volumes and NCS:NCP server

In the case of this problem the first NCS:Volume Resource that we read we would get a -603 error when we tried to read the two attributes from it. At this point no other NCS:Volume Resource was read and TSAFS would load but not register smdr.novell for the clustered resources.

To get the dstrace log, use the following commands:
1 - dstrace
2 - dstrace -all +rslv +vcln +areq +abuf
3 - dsrace on
4 - unload tsafs
5 - tsafs /cluster
6 - dstrace off

The log will be SYS:\SYSTEM\DSTRACE.LOG. The following example indicates the attributes on the TEST_SERVER resource cannot be read.

RSLV: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] Resolving \T=TREE\O=ORG\CN=CLUSTER\CN=TEST_SERVER
VCLN: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] request DSAResolveName by context 430a0005 succeeded
RSLV: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] ------> tag = 6
RSLV: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] ------> id = 00011E9B
RSLV: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] End---> DCResolveWithConstraint err = 0
VCLN: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] request DSAGetServerNetAddress by context 430a0005 succeeded
VCLN: [2006/12/06 9:10:17] request DSARead by context 430a0005 failed, no such attribute (-603)
If it is a 64-bit OS then make sure novell-cluster-services-32bit-<version>.rpm  is installed.
SMS is a 32 bit application on a 64 bit server. Hence it needs the 32 bit dependent libraries.