Cluster resource do not come online after reboot due to corrupt resource priority list.

  • 3005748
  • 09-May-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) Support Pack 2
Novell Cluster Services


All of the cluster resources do not come on-line after a reboot.
When a new cluster resource is added it too does not come on-line after reboot but will come on-line after creation.
If you attempt to edit the properties of the resource it will come on-line, even if you don't actually edit the properties.
Power outage caused corruption of the resource priority list.


  1. Open your /etc/opt/novell/ncs/resources.xml file.
    This file contains the names of your cluster resources with the proper syntax.
  2. In iManager go to the "View Objects" tab.
    Browse to the cluster object.
    Click on the cluster object. This should bring up a popup menu.
    Choose "Modify Object".
  3. Then in the "Valued Attributes" box select "NCS:CRM Resource Priority". Choose edit.
    This will popup a text box where you can edit this setting.
  4. Using the same syntax as the other resources add a line for each missing resource.
    This is case sensitive so make sure it matches exactly what is in your /etc/opt/novell/ncs/resources.xml file.
    Delete any extra resources that are not found in your /etc/opt/novell/ncs/resources.xml file.
    It is possible that resources that were deleted after this problem started are not removed from the resource priority list.
    The number at the end of each resource line isn't important either make them unique or zero.
  5. Increase the REVISION number by one over what is currently there.
    NUMRESOURCES should be the total number of your resources.
    Your File should look similar to this: REVISION=10 NUMRESOURCES=5 RESOURCE=Master_IP_Address_Resource=65535 RESOURCE=iprint_server=0 RESOURCE=data_server=0 RESOURCE=DATA2_SERVER=0 RESOURCE=IPRINT2_SERVER=0
  6. Choose "OK". Then click "Apply"
  7. Now go back to the "Roles and Tasks" tab.
    Choose "Cluster Options". Fill in the cluster name.
    Choose "Properties". Go to the "Priorities" tab.
    You should now see all of the resources listed. Set the priorities how you want them. Choose "Apply".
  8. Reboot the cluster and your resources will come online.