Available Logging for the Wake on LAN service

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  • 08-May-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 - ZDM6.5 Remote Management
Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 - ZDM7 Remote Management
Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 - ZfD4 Remote Management


Describe the logging availability and options for the Wake on LAN service.


The Wake on LAN service outputs status information regarding Wake on LAN activity to one log file. It is not possible to increase the verbosity or location of this log file, it is however possible to disable writing to it. File logging is by default set to 'True', this behavior can be controlled by the value of 'FILE_LOGGING' within the FileLogging.properties file. Setting this value to 'False' will disable the logging.

SYS:\wolstatus.log this information is also displayed on a separate console screen.
[ZENworks installation volume]:\ZENworks\RemMgmt\server\properties\FileLogging.properties.

To obtain Wake on LAN debug information for troubleshooting purposes, modify the TracerMedia.properties file. Change the 'com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumConsole' property level from INFORMATION to VERBOSE as seen below:

com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumConsole = ON; VERBOSE

The location of the new debug logs are controlled by the value of'com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumFile' property within the TracerMedia.properties file.

[ZENworks installation volume]:\ZENworks\RemMgmt\server\logs\trace-.txt
[ZENworks installation volume]:\ZENworks\RemMgmt\server\properties\TracerMedia.properties


DEBUG10 level:
Note: The following provides more verbose log output for me where the range is DEBUG1 to DEBUG10. To use these settings, back up the existing tracermedia.properties and tracerfilter.properties files to restore. Then make the changes below. Since this provides a great deal of output, set the files back when done testing.
Set tracermedia.properties file to DEBUG10, for example:
com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumConsole = ON; DEBUG10
modify tracerfilter.properties to:
(The tracerfilter.properties is in the same folder as the TracerMedia.properties file.)

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