Error 2753: The File 'ncc.exe' is not marked for installation

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  • 08-Jun-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


Installation of stand alone NMAS Client, SecureLogin Client, and Novell Client would fail because the system would report that there was a version of NMAS Client already installed and an update was not possible. 

The NMAS Client did not show in Add/Remove programs and therefore was not fully or properly uninstalled.  Not being fully uninstalled is the main reason why a new installation of the NMAS Client was not successful.

The main problem was the existence of the NMAS registry key under:

The exact error reported during the attempt to install the NMAS Client was:

MSI (s) (B8:14) [10:14:06:615]: Note: 1: 2753 2: ncc.exe
Action start 10:14:06: ncc_update.
DEBUG: Error 2753: The File 'ncc.exe' is not marked for installation.
MSI (s) (B8:14) [10:14:06:615]: Product: NMAS Client -- Internal Error 2753. ncc.exe

This error indicates that the NCC.EXE application (which is part of the NMAS Client) could not perform the requested update. 


Given that the NCC.EXE is still present on the system, you can use NCC to clean up the existing Windows registry keys used by the NMAS  Client by doing the following from a Windows command prompt:

     ncc -c remove

If NCC.EXE is not present on the system you can remove the following registry key through Regedit.


Note: Please backup your Windows Registry before using Regedit.

Once this command has return a successful execution, the NMAS client should be able to be installed successfully.