Troubleshooting HTTP 500 errors for ZENworks Patch Management

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  • 13-Apr-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management Server Web Interface
Novell ZENworks Patch Management Server Internet Information Services - IIS
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


HTTP 500 errors are seen in the Application event logs
HTTP 500 errors are seen in the ZPM Web Interface


First grab all the .dll's in the update server/bin and re-register them with regsrv32.exe in the system32 directory. One of the asp dll's might not be registered on the system.  

Browse to C:\Program Files\Patchlink\Update Server\Bin highlight all the .dll?s, right click and copy, browse to the C:\%WINDIR%\system32 directory find regsrv32.exe right click on it and copy on top of it. This will run regsvr32.exe ?r *.dll and reregister the dll?s with windows.  If the error still persists, follow the steps below to obtain additional logs.

Obtain logs by following the steps below

Additional Information

Download the found in PatchLink Knowledgebase Article 178

The HTTP 500 error message means that there is a scripting error but the message is a little vague so try the following. This will help Novell Support properly diagnose the problem and quickly find the solution.

The following file: 500-100.asp should be placed in the following directory: %PROGRAM FILES%\PatchLink\Update Server\WebRoot\ErrorMessages (usually %PROGRAM FILES% is C:\Program Files, but that also depends on how the PLUS server OS was installed).

Make changes to the web site settings:
1. Bring up the Internet Services Manager via clicking on [Start], [Programs], [Administrative Tools] and [Internet Services Manager]

2. Click on the [+] next to the PLUS server's name - this will bring up the list of web sites assigned to the server Right Click on the Default Web Site (or if it labeled PLUS click on that) and select PROPERTIES - this will allow you to change some web site properties and settings

3. Click on the Custom Errors tab - when a web request ends up with an error on the server side, this tab directs which error number to display what text

4. Scroll down until you get to 500;100 and select that error option Click on Edit Properties Select URL for the Message Type
   a. So the web server knows to use another web page as what to display Type in /ErrorMessages/500-100.asp in the URL
   b. So the web servers know the URL of the web page from above Hit OK, twice to save the changes
   c. Restart the web server by right-clicking on the server name and selecting Restart IIS.. (this is not always necessary, but in this case Novell Support would prefer to clear out any lingering processes and such before trying the PLUS web site again.)

Wait until the server has started again, then bring up a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) and go the PLUS server main URL: http:///.

If what returns is a 500 error, does it say "PatchLink" on it? It should, but in case it does not then make sure that your web servers website and IIS settings are set up properly.

If what returns is the PatchLink error screen please save it (File - Save As from IE) and send it to Novell Support. It should have the error message(s) on it that are needed.