Unable to launch WebPIM on the PDA

  • 3002355
  • 29-Nov-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7 support pack 1 or later
Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 2
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server


Unable to launch WebPIM on the PDA
Unable to lauch http://IPAddressOfGMSServer/webpim on a browser
Refreshing the web page makes it work
500 - HTTP Status Error


Corrective Actions:
1. Browse to "C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\Tomcat\work\Engine\host\_\org\apache\jsp\webpim"
2. Rename the top_jsp.java and top_jsp.class
3. Restart the Intellisync services. It will recreate the files once the services are restarted

Additional Information

If the above does not work, it is recommended to move all the .class and .java files from C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\Tomcat\work\Engine\host\_\org\apache\jsp\webpim, so the jsp engine generates new .java and .class (a restart of Intellisync services is needed).
Also, there are similar folders with .java and .class files generated from jsp files (for e.g. C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\Tomcat\work\Engine\host\admin\org\apache\jsp\diag and more) that may cause similar problem.